Jerry Krause: Kids, Wife, Net Worth

ESPN’s The Last Dance might make you dislike Chicago Bulls general manager Jerome “Jerry” Krause but Michael Jordan couldn’t have done it without him. The NBA was more competitive in the 1990s and Krause surrounded Jordan with the talented players he needed to help him win 6 championships.

Bulls owner, Jerry Reinsdorf said it best: “If you had to give credit to one man, the guy that put them all here, Jerry Krause.” Nonetheless, social media never disappoints:

Jerry Krause Kids

Jerry Krause had two stepchildren: Stacy and David. Krause made headlines in 1996 and 1997 for inviting then-Iowa State head basketball coach Tim Floyd to Stacy’s wedding. Krause explained that he didn’t invite Phil Jackson because he didn’t have a good relationship with Jackson.

Jerry’s stepchildren had kids so the talented GM has four grandchildren: Colette, Josh, Mia and Riley.

Jerry Krause Wife Thelma

Jerry’s wife, Thelma Krause is seen in the video below. She explains that Jerry had always hoped to be inducted in the NBA Hall of Fame and sports were his passion. He worked nonstop but believed that he never worked a day in his life, “equating his job to being a kid in a candy store.”

Jerry Krause Net Worth

Jerry Krause passed away on March 21, 2017 at the age of 77. Krause’s estimated net worth at the time of his death was $10 million. Although general managers were underpaid in the 1990s, Krause’s championships definitely helped him in salary negotiations.

In The Last Dance, Phil Jackson explains that one factor that played a role in his feud with Krause was the large salary disparities between NBA coaches and general managers.

In 1998, Bulls’ owner Jerry Reinsdorf put a clause in Krause’s contract, offering the GM $50,000 to lose 50 pounds and keeping it off for a year.

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