Dennis Rodman: Parents, Kids, Family, Net Worth

The importance of Dennis Rodman is explored in episode 3 of ESPN’s sports documentary miniseries The Last Dance. Rodman stepped up and became Michael Jordan’s right-hand man when Scottie Pippen was out. This article provides information about Rodman’s parents, kids and net worth.

Dennis Rodman’s Mother Shirley

In The Last Dance, Dennis explains that his mother, Shirley, was a school bus driver. She was forced to kick Dennis out the house because of his behavior and Dennis is surprised he never tried selling drugs. Dennis claims that his mother was more involved with his sisters when he was young because both his sisters were also basketball stars.

Dennis Rodman’s Father Philander

Dennis Rodman Father Philander Rodman, Jr.
Dennis Rodman Father Philander Rodman, Jr.

Dennis Rodman’s father, Philander Rodman, Jr. was a member of the Air Force and a Vietnam War veteran. Sadly, Philander deserted the family when Dennis was only 3-years-old.

Dennis Rodman Siblings

After Dennis’ father left they family, Dennis’ mother raised him and his two sisters, Debra and Kim, as a single mother in Dallas.

Dennis Rodman Sister
Dennis Rodman Sister

Debra and Kim both played basketball and according to Dennis, they were both more talented than him.

Debra Rodman
Debra Rodman

Debra was an All-American at Louisiana Tech University and Kim was an All-American at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Dennis Rodman’s Kids

Dennis Rodman had his first child, Alexis, in 1988. Alexis’ mother is Dennis’ first wife, Annie Bakes. Dennis and Annie divorced a few years after Alexis was born.

Dennis Rodman Daughter Alexis
Dennis Rodman Daughter Alexis

Rodman’s second child, his son Dennis “D.J.” Jr. was born in 2000 and his third child, Trinity was born in 2001. Michelle Moyer is the mother of D.J. and Trinity. Similar to Dennis, D.J. and Trinity are talented athletes and attend Washington State University. Trinity plays soccer and D.J. plays basketball.

The following video shows D.J. and Trinity:

Dennis recently shared the following video of Trinity:

Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth

Dennis Rodman is worth $500,000. Sadly, in 2012, Rodman’s lawyer revealed that the former NBA star was unable to afford living expenses. Multiple media outlets reported that Rodman was broke and suffering from a drinking problem.

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