Top 10 Lil Uzi Vert Quotes From “Eternal Atake”

Lil Uzi Vert finally released his long-awaited second album, Eternal Atake and it’s an instant classic. According to the following tweet, the rapper, whose real name is Symere Woods is planning to release a Deluxe Edition of Eternal Atake:

Genius has released the tracklist of the Deluxe edition which includes the following 4 bonus tracks:

  1. “Myron”
  2. “Lotus”
  3. “Jellybean (Ft. Chief Keef)
  4. “Come This Way”

This article presents some of our favorite lyrics from the project. “P2” is Lil Uzi Vert’s sequel to his 2017 hit “XO Tour Llif3” and it’s the best track on the album by far. Scroll to the poll at the end of this article to rank your favorite Eternal Atake tracks.

Without any further ado, here’s 10 of our favorite lyrics from Eternal Atake:

10. “Silly Watch”

“Gators on me, you can’t catch me in bummy Crocs / I’m a hare all on my bike, b*****, I bunny hop / Hugh Hefner died, so I can’t get bunny top / I can never die unless all my money stops / F***** all on your b***** and I use a thumb a lot / When I do that, yeah, I make that b***** cum a lot / Countin’ up my millions, you know it’s up a lot (Yeah).”

9. “Lo Mein”

“These n****s groupies, they peons, mane / King of my city like Leon, mane / Head of these n****s by eons, mane / She let me touch for the freon, mane / So you know that’s a must like Elon, mane /
They was hatin’, I was spendin’, you was savin’ / Man, I’m countin’ up green like a pea pod, mane / I was holdin’ down my team like my name was Peyton / Had to make sure my brother good, Eli Manning / Cartier’s got diamonds all in the middle / Like a n**** pulled up with three eyes, mane / Just know them shits, they all G.I., mane / Everybody got Rollies, that’s two-time frames / I said my side girl tryna be my main / And I said my main girl keep stalkin’ my side / I told her, “Shut up and go for a ride” (Skrrt).”

8. “Chrome Heart Tags”

“Slime snake my disease (Slatt) / If you bite, I bite back (Woah) / Had this b***** on her knees / Asked her where her jaw at (Ooh) / Hello? (Hello?), hold on / Baby, gotta call back / Cause I ran into a lick (Give me that) / And I need all that (Yeah) / Murakami on my walls (Ooh) / N****, where your KAWS at? (Wow) / I just beat a n**** up / Now I need my pause back (Yup) / Got a Glock with a d*** / Yeah, I had to pause that (Pause) / When I’m shopping, know I’m safe / So I’m in the mall strapped / Diamonds all up in her face (Bling, baow, baow, bling) / Make a b**** percolate / Put her on a limo date / Been f****d, boy, you late (Woah).”

7. “Prices”

“We whip it up, no bakin’ soda / I turn a f*** n**** right to organ donor (Uh, damn) / Okay, I feel like I own her (Yeah) / That girl so smart that she walk for diploma (Woo) / Off-White, my G-Fazos, they MoMA / She give me head all the way ’til I’m in coma (Damn) / Ice is so cold, like pneumonia / I might hit that b**** with that Super Soaker (Soak) / I heard that boy gettin’ bread / So we gon’ heat his a** up with the toaster (Yeah).”

6. “Homecoming”

“Yeah, ever since Clifford, yeah, Uzi been the big dog
Drippin’ in this Ragu, you know I got the big sauce
Every outfit, yeah, I gotta get the pic’ off / Said I know, I know you gon’ return to the big boss / Ran this shit back like a motherfuckin’ kickoff (I just ran this shit back like a motherfuckin’ kickoff) / Forty-five-hundred for some Margiela kick-offs / Got the yellow diamond Patek on my wrist, too pissed off.”

5. “You Better Move”

“I’m like Mother Goose, if I say shoot, they gonna shoot / No I’m not sweet, I just got flavor / Don’t need no to water to mix up this juice / They say “Why your chain it look like a choker?” / That’s for the slaves that had to wear the noose. / Uh, no, you can’t cuff me, baby, let me loose / The way that I live, baby, that’s a roof / Matchin’ closet, it came with a pool / Bro moving 8 balls, not no pool / If you ask me his name then I don’t have a clue (Woah).”

4. “That Way”

“She gave me dome ’til I graduate, woah / I’ma grab a Bentley, Mean might go and grab a Wraith, yeah / I had to snap back into reality and go grab a fitted (Fitted) / My jeans, yeah, they fitted (Woo) / But Lil Uzi, he is so far from the timid (Let’s go) / The reason I’m rich / Cause I had to go and just fix my percentage (Let’s go) / You know that I’m winnin / My white girl got black card and it got no limit (Woo).”

3. “POP”

Shot a n***** with a 17 / Lil Uzi, yeah, I’m from the 16 / Got a million, no Christine / Neck gleam, wrist gleam, fist gleam / Lil’ n***** but I’m doin’ big things / You ain’t ever seen a n***** this clean / Pants cost two K, big jeans / And my shoes cost like sixteen / Hunnid, n***** that’s just what I bleed / Turned a dead n***** to a blunt of weed / And that last boy taste like Reggie / Cause I just lit up Philly.”

2. “Baby Pluto”

“Man, these boys ain’t believe me / Until I pulled up and my neck was on squeegee (Woah) / Man, these boys ain’t believe me / They thought I believed in the devil like ouija / Man, these boys ain’t believe me / A real rockstar, Chrome Heart on my beanie (Yeah) / I swear these boys cannot see me / That’s why I be livin’ my life like I’m Stevie.”

1. “P2”

“She left me right on read now, I’m walkin’ with my head down (I love you) / I gotta keep my head high / I got a whole ‘nother check, not talkin’ verified (Okay) / Rest in peace my dead guys / I am no hater, yeah, we in the same whip / The only difference is that you do not own it (Skrrt, skrrt) / I can just tell by the way that you drivin’ it / I pull up in that car just like it’s stolen.”

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By Jason John

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