Patrick Crusius – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Patrick Crusius is the 21-year-old suspect in the El Paso, Texas shooting. This article shares information about Patrick’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

CNN reports that 20 people were killed in the shooting, which took place at a crowded Walmart. The suspect, Patrick Crusius, is in custody. The Guardian explains that 26 people were injured.

Patrick Crusius Facebook

Patrick Crusius had a Facebook account but Facebook deleted it after he was announced as the suspect in the shooting. The tweet below describes an image of the word “Trump” spelled out in guns that was allegedly posted on Patrick’s Facebook account. The shooting reminds us of how brutal social media can be during election season.

The Facebook post below shows Crusius being arrested:

The tweet below shows that a Patrick Crusius from Montgomery, Alabama is currently being harassed because people think he was the shooter.

The tweet below, shows that Patrick Crusius from Alabama responded to the negative messages he received:

Patrick Crusius Twitter

Heavy reports that a Twitter account under the name Patrick Crusius was deleted shortly after the shooting. The Facebook post below allegedly shows a screenshot of Patrick’s Twitter account:

The screenshot shows Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump but it could have been photoshopped considering it’s an election season and social media users are showing no remorse.

Patrick Crusius LinkedIn

Patrick Crusius had a LinkedIn page but it was also deleted after the shooting. The screenshot below shows that Crusius was listed as a student at Plano Senior High School. In the About section of his LinkedIn profile, Crusius explained that a career in Software Development suits him, although he’s not motivated to do anything more than what’s required to get by.

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