How Many Kids Does Andrew Luck Have?

Andrew Luck and his wife Nicole Pechanec do not currently have kids but they’re expecting their first child in January of 2020. Andrew and Nicole met while they were students at Stanford University and they got married on March 31, 2019.

In the video below, Luck reveals that he and Nicole are expecting their first child:

Luck shocked the world when he announced that he was retiring but the 29-year-old’s injury history explains why he decided to step away from the NFL. When you find out you’re expecting your first child you get excited and immediately start planning for the future. For Andrew, planning for the future meant examining his health which ultimately led to his decision to retire.

Andrew Luck has dealt with serious injuries over the last few years. Injuries cause more than physical harm, they also cause mental damage. Professional athletes rely on their bodies so when they suffer injuries many feel overwhelmed mentally and this often leads to depression.

Luck was forced to watch the teammates he loved playing with play without him and he could no longer take it. The tweet below shows Luck’s extensive injury history in only 6 NFL seasons:

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By Jason John

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