Rojanai Alston – Shooter Bae

Rojanai Alston aka “Shooter Bae” is the 22-year-old that was attacked at the North Versailles Walmart. CBS Pittsburgh reports that surveillance video captured Alston pull out her gun to defend herself against the attackers:

According to Penn Live, Alston was in the electronics section of the store when two women tried to jump her. After authorities saw the video of the shooting, the Allegheny County District Attorney decided to withdraw an attempted homicide charge against Alston.

One woman was injured in the shooting which took place on Friday, July 5, 2019. Alston’s attorney, Ken Haber, explains that she was punched in her head multiple times before the attackers attempted to drag her to the ground. I don’t think she’ll get any jail time because the video shows that she was defending herself.

Rojanai Alston Social Media Accounts

Rojanai doesn’t appear to be on Instagram. Her Twitter username is @xOXHighonLife_ but she hasn’t shared any recent posts. Back in 2017, she tweeted the following video of herself:

“Shooter Bae”

MTO News referred to Rojanai as “Shooter Bae” in the article they published about the incident. First there was ICE Bae and now we have Shooter Bae. Who can forget Prison Bae and Stranded Bae?

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By Jason John

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