Tanisha Asghedom: Nipsey Hussle First Baby Mama

Tanisha Asghedom is Nipsey Hussle’s first baby mama. Emani Asghedom is Tanisha and Nipsey’s daughter. At the time of his death, Nipsey was in a serious relationship with Lauren London but years before London, Nipsey was in love with Tanisha.

Although Nipsey and Tanisha weren’t together, they still had a great relationship. Nipsey’s real name is Ermias Joseph Asghedom and although he was never married to Tanisha, she agreed to give their daughter his last name. In 2018, Tanisha posted the following pic of herself alongside Nipsey and Emani:

Here’s a throwback from 2012 of Tanisha and Emani:

Emani is growing up fast. The pic below shows her in her school uniform alongside her mom:

The following pic shows Tanisha and Emani with Nipsey’s father, Dawit Asghedom:

The tweet below explains that it’s important to pray for Tanisha and Emani. Many have been praying for Lauren London because she’s famous but we can’t forget that Tanisha is also a single mother now that Nipsey is no longer here. Hopefully Nipsey’s family members and friends are embracing Tanisha like they’re embracing London.

Lauren London recently posted the following pic of her new tattoo:

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By Jason John

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