Lauren London Parents

The picture featured in this post is the only photo Lauren London has of herself alongside her parents. In an interview with Complex, London explains that people thought she was adopted when she was younger because she doesn’t look like her mom or dad.

Lauren London Is The Daughter Of A Black Mother And Jewish Father

BET reports that London was teased by her cousins on her mother’s side, when she younger, for not being black enough. Lauren’s parents split when she was young so she would spend the summers with her father.

The pic below shows Lauren and her mother back when she was pregnant with Lil Wayne’s son, Cameron Carter:

Lauren London Mom
Lauren London Mom

London experienced difficulties during the summers she spent with her father because she was sent to camps where she was the only African American so she was referred to as “that Black girl.”

Lauren explains that she didn’t start looking black until she got older. London eventually grew comfortable in her skin and she now embraces her black side along with her Jewish side.

Lauren London And Nipsey Hussle’s Mom Share Text Messages At Funeral

Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle’s mom, Angelique Smith, both shared emotional text messages they shared with Nipsey at the rapper’s funeral.

Many are hoping that Lauren is currently pregnant with Nipsey Hussle’s baby. MTO recently wrote an article that claimed London was 8 weeks pregnant but the rumors have not been confirmed.

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