Robert Mueller Report Memes: Top 10 Funniest, Donald Trump Approval Rating News

The funniest Robert Mueller report memes on the Internet are featured in this post. Deadline reports that the Special Counsel delivered his report to Attorney General Bill Barr after 675 days of investigation. The news broke the Internet:

The tweet below sums up how the nation is reacting to the news:

According to Slate, Fox News didn’t need to read to report to declare total victory for President Trump. 675 days of investigating equals one day of celebrating if you’re pro-Trump. The hilarious reaction below explains that Mueller was the one who should be celebrating:

Esquire reports that Attorney General Bill Barr will review the report to determine how much of it will be shared with Congress. The 22 month investigation is finally complete. If there’s one person that deserves a vacation, it’s Robert Mueller:

It looks like Mueller is already on vacation:

Will you be looking for spelling and grammar mistakes in the report?

According the following meme, President Donald Trump was disappointed when he realized that Mueller’s report didn’t have any pictures!

Robert Mueller Report Memes
Robert Mueller Report Memes

What’s a trending topic without the Bey Hive!? The meme below shows Mueller in “Kremlinade” mode. The Kremlin is a fortified complex in Moscow.

Robert Mueller Report Memes
Robert Mueller Report Memes

So will Trump be reelected? According to Vox, although America’s economy has been performing well under President Trump’s guidance, voters no longer respond to the nation’s financial status when they’re making their selection for Commander in Chief.

Vanity Fair reports that Trump is cruising towards reelection thanks to the economy: Unemployment is decreasing and gas remains reasonable, that’s all some voters need from their President.

Which Robert Mueller report meme do you think is the funniest? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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