R. Kelly Interview Memes: Top 10, Gayle King

We recently published an article with the Top 10 R. Kelly memes. This is part 2 of that post and features R. Kelly Interview memes. The meme below explains that the Michael Jordan crying meme has been retired:

R. Kelly Crying Interview Meme Michael Jordan
R. Kelly Crying Interview Meme Michael Jordan

The tweet below applauds Gayle for remaining calm:

R. Kelly Interview Memes Gayle King
R. Kelly Interview Memes Gayle King

\We’ve all had R. Kelly moments during exams:

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R. Kelly’s lawyer needs to back out of this one:

30 for 30:

Gayle was definitely looking at R. Kelly like she was disappointed:

Jussie Smollett has to be happy about all the attention R. Kelly’s getting:

It’s impossible to eat a Popeye’s biscuit without a drink!

When you’re a victim of fraud:

R. Kelly Gets Upset During Interview, Gayle King Unbothered

Page Six reports that Gayle King didn’t get nervous when the singer, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, got upset and lashed out. King explains that she thought Kelly could have accidentally hit her because he got so upset but she knew she wasn’t in any real danger.

R. Kelly In Jail For Unpaid Child Support

According to The Grapevine, Kelly was arrested and taken into custody in relation to unpaid child support. He owes his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly $161,663. Kelly’s lawyer claims that his current financial situation is a mess. That’s hard to believe considering his past success.

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