Robert Kraft Memes – Top 10 Funniest

The funniest Robert Kraft memes on the Internet are shared in this article. We recently published an article with the funniest Jussie Smollett memes. Just when Smollett thought he was having a horrible week, Kraft and R. Kelly took things to another level.

Wait no longer. Checkout the funniest Robert Kraft memes on the Internet:

1. The following meme implies that rapper 6IX9INE snitched on Kraft:

Robert Kraft Memes
Robert Kraft Memes

2. The meme below shows Kraft, Smollett and R. Kelly in OJ Simpson’s infamous white Bronco:

Robert Kraft Memes
Robert Kraft Memes

3. While other teams head to Disney World after they win the Super Bowl the Patriots head strait to Florida:

Robert Kraft Memes
Robert Kraft Memes

4. Robert Kraft loves a good time:

5. What’s a trending topic without a SpongeBob meme!?

6. Will Kraft be the only NFL owner exposed?

7. Who do you think snitched on Robert Kraft?

8. Kramer vs. Kraft:

9. I guess the Patriots no longer do happy endings:

10. The meme below shows Kraft doing everything he can to intercept the video footage:

Kraft made a major mistake and the Internet isn’t letting him forget about it. The New England Patriots owner is being dragged online after being caught soliciting relations at a spa in Florida. The Daily Beast reports that Kraft is just one of many rich powerful men who were busted in the criminal ring in Florida. More than 200 arrests have been made and a dozen businesses have been shut down in connection to an eight month-long investigation.

The New York Post reports that Patriots haters are flocking to the Orchids of Asia Spa in Jupiter, Florida. Kraft allegedly visited the spa twice according to law enforcement officials.

Which Robert Kraft meme do you think is the funniest? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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