Karl Lagerfeld Wife? Gay?

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld did not have a wife. The Chanel director was gay and in 2017 he told InStyle about his late boyfriend Jacques de Bascher cheating on him with designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Vogue explains that Lagerfeld passed away on February 19, 2019 in Paris. He was 85-years-old. Lagerfeld is best known for working with some of fashion’s biggest design houses including Chanel and Fendi.

The following tweet shows a pic of Lagerfeld and de Basher. The couple dated for nearly 20 years. Sadly, de Basher died of AIDS complications in 1989.

Vice reports that de Bascher realized he had the good looks to seduce both men and women when he was in high school. Jacques cheated on Lagerfeld with Yves Saint Laurent in 1973. Yves was in a relationship with Pierre Berge who threatened de Bascher leading him to end his affair with Yves.

Was Karl Lagerfeld Fat-Phobic?

While many are mourning Lagerfeld’s death, actress Jameela Jamil calls the designer a fat-phobic misogynist in the following tweet:

Jamil is referring to comments Lagerfeld made in 2012. The designer called singer Adele “a little too fat” when he was asked his opinion on female pop stars.

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By Jason John

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