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Jussie Smollett Leaves Empire?

The tweet below shows that Fox continues to support Jussie Smollett through these difficult times. It doesn’t look like Smollett will lose his role on Empire:

There are times when our favorite hip hop drama series can be too much. Jamal getting shot on Empire marked one of those times. Who would have guessed it? The show’s breakout star!? Why would they kill such an important character. Jamal is so lovable! If there’s one person we all want dead, it’s Lucious.

Jussie Smollett Leaves Empire
Jussie Smollett Leaves Empire
Jamal warned Freda to leave Empire before she attempts to shoot Lucious.  Could this be Lee Daniels laying foundation for the sow’s spinoff series?
Jamal is such a dominant character that he could be the star of a new series. Moreover, Lucious and Cookie are closer than they have ever been. Their relationship keeps improving. The heart of Empire is Lucious and Cookie therefore I couldn’t imagine Cookie having her own series minus Lucious. I could imagine Jamal being the center of attention on his very own series.
If there is one thing that I was not expecting it’s Jamal being shot. Jamal has become the show’s most talented star.  In the show’s initial season we saw a timid Jamal who was trying to find himself. He lived in his father’s shadow. The show’s second season introduces us to a more confident Jamal.
Lucious said some very mean things to Jamal. I can’t see Jamal and Lucious forgiving each other. While Lucious attempted to accept Jamal’s sexual orientation throughout the show’s first season, he makes it clear how he truly feels in the show’s last episode.
In response, Jamal did not hold back his feelings towards his father. He tells Lucious about himself which makes Lucious very upset.
Could this be it for Jamal Lyon? I can definitely see Jamal and Lee Daniels continuing to work together but it may not be on Empire!?
What do you think?

By Jason John

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