Brandon Scott My 600 lb Life

Brandon Scott appeared on episode 7 of My 600 lb Life‘s seventh season. He’s a talented musician struggling to overcome an addiction to food. The 33-year-old is from Columbus, Ohio.

Brandon is not only trying to lose weight, he’s also been diagnosed with lymphedema which has caused severe swelling to his legs. Dr. Nowzaradan has helped numerous people accomplish their weight loss goals and hopefully he’ll be able to help Brandon!

A Child Calls Brandon “Fat”

Brandon believes that losing will transform his life but it won’t be easy. Sadly, the video below shows him crying after he hears a child call him fat. Brandon is also stared at by adults. Taylor tries to console him, but he’s regretting his decision to go through with the weight loss process.

Brandon Wants To Lose Weight To Marry His Girlfriend Taylor

Brandon’s girlfriend Taylor is also seen on My 600 lb Life. They want to take the next step in their relationship but Brandon explains that they won’t be able to if he doesn’t lose weight. He thinks that if Taylor agreed to marry him, she would be agreeing to be his caretaker instead of his wife.

In the video above, Brandon explains that it’s not fair that his mother has to provide for him. He thinks he should be helping her but his weight makes that nearly impossible.

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