Trina Braxton Baby Daddy, Who Is Her Kids Biological Father?

Ice Cream Convos reports that Trina Braxton’s ex-husband, Gabe Solis passed away after a battle with cancer. He was 43.

Pray for Trina and her family. She shared the following Instagram post explaining that Gabe passed away on December 20, 2018:

Hello Beautiful reports that Tamar Braxton recently had some tea on her sister Trina.  While the two were having lunch, Tamar makes it clear that Trina is still sleeping with her ex-lover, “Black Nasty.” If you’re familiar with Tamar you know that she played the situation out perfectly and was hilarious from beginning to end.

First, she pretends that she has no clue if the two are still sleeping with each other: “Trina, you still deal with Black Nasty?” Trina decides to play dumb explaining that she doesn’t know anything.  Tamar then whispers to Towanda that she will tell her about it later! According to Rolling Out Trina’s baby daddy, Gabe Solis, recently admitted that he was a terrible husband, so don’t be so hard on Trina.

Other sources have explained that Gabe is not Eric and Caleb’s biological father yet he raised them from the time they were young.

Trina Braxton Baby Daddy, Kids Biological Father, Gabe Solis
Trina Braxton Baby Daddy, Kids Biological Father, Gabe Solis

The former couple went through a very sad divorce last year.  We were surprised when Gabe admitted that he was a bad spouse considering how people usually act after a divorce.  He is the father of Trina’s two sons, Eric and Caleb.  Eric is currently 21-years-old and Caleb is 18.

Hopefully she’s done with him because he’s a cheater and she deserves better.  It was really difficult seeing their marriage come to an end on reality television but I’m sure that her sons will always respect her for being so strong.

By Jason John

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