Top 10 Bird Box Memes

The 10 best Bird Box memes on the Internet are shared in this article. The Netflix thriller is based on a 2014 novel by Josh Malerman. Sandra Bullock plays Malorie, a college student who lives in Michigan. When an unseen force decimates the population, Malorie and her children embark on a dangerous journey to find safety.

Bird Box Memes
Bird Box Memes

Bird Box had everyone thinking about buying their loved ones blindfolds for Christmas:

Malorie be like:

Pure comedy:

Do you think you could stay blindfolded for that long:

Bird Box Memes
Bird Box Memes

When Gary ripped down the blankets covering the windows:

My reaction to Gary’s drawings:

Great point:

When Malorie names her son after Tom:

Machine Gun Kelly played Felix in the movie:

Many of the memes being shared online are inspired by the mysterious threat killing the population. Bird Box keeps its threat a mystery through the end of the film.

To survive, Malorie and her kids must flee down a river blindfolded because if you see the mysterious force, you die. The movie is similar to A Quiet Place, another horror film that broke the Internet.

Don’t read this paragraph if you haven’t seen the movie. Spoilers ahead! Calorie and her kids end up at a house where they meet Tom (Trevante Rhodes). They live together as a family for years and then Tom hears about a sanctuary down the river. They prepare to go but sadly, Tom is killed.

By the end, Malorie and her kids make it to the sanctuary which is a school for the blind. They remove their blindfolds and Malorie is finally able to give her kids a normal life.

Bird Box is Stephen King approved. In the tweet below, King praises the movie and calls critics out for being too hard on Netflix:

Which Bird Box meme is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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