Summer Bunni: Offset Side Chick Pregnant

Multiple media outlets, including Sandra Rose, claim that Offset’s side chick Summer Bunni is pregnant. Hollyscoop discusses the alleged incident in the video below:

HollywoodLife shared the following video about Summer Bunni’s pregnancy. While many believe the news is fake, Summer Bunni hasn’t denied it.

Summer Bunni claims that Cardi B’s fans hacked her Instagram account. The Blast reports that the Bardi Gang allegedly got Summer’s account deleted from Instagram. The Bardi Gang let Summer know that she broke up a happy home:

Love B. Scott explains that Offset recently tried to get Cardi B back by apologizing to her during the Rolling Loud festival. The Migos rapper interrupted Cardi’s performance and she wasn’t impressed.

Check out Cardi’s response to Offset’s apology:

The Root explains that Cardi was the first woman to headline the the festival but then they allowed her to be embarrassed. The situation makes it difficult to determine whether this is a publicity stunt. I don’t think Cardi would agree to have such an impressive accomplishment ruined but then again she is a former reality star so who knows!?

What do you think about Offset cheating on Cardi B with Summer Bunni? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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