Mike Pence Memes: Elf On The Shelf, Top 10

Mike Pence Elf On The Shelf Memes
Mike Pence Elf On The Shelf Memes

The top 10 Mike Pence memes and the hilarious Elf On The Shelf meme is shared in this article.  John Avlon of CNN compared Pence to Elf On The Shelf because of Pence’s demeanor during a heated meeting between Donald Trump and Democratic leaders regarding the border wall.  The Vice President sat stone still while the President grew increasingly angry:

Pence appeared to be praying during the intense meeting:

Numerous Elf On The Shelf memes have been shared on social media:

President Trump threatened a government shutdown if they didn’t get the funding needed for the wall.  Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer weren’t having it but Pence stole the show:

While the negativity towards President Trump increases, Pence is becoming a social media superstar:


Pence went full Pence-ive mode during the meeting:

The tweet below compares Pence to the Martin Luther King Jr. statute behind him:

In the hilarious tweet below Stephen Colbert reveals what Pence was thinking during the meeting:

As the tweet below implies, Pence has an easy job:

I think Nancy Pelosi intimidates Pence:

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