Marlayna layna_x3 6IX9INE Baby Mama?

Marlayna aka @layna_x3 is the woman who claims to be the mother of 6IX9INE’s baby. We all know about Sara, the mother of Tekashi 69’s daughter but now Marlayna claims that 6IX9INE is also her baby’s father.

Sara Says Marlayna’s Baby Doesn’t Look Like 6IX9INE

In the video above, Sara, 6IX9INE’s baby mama, explains that she doesn’t think Marlayna’s daughter looks like Tekashi 69. Sara says that she wouldn’t be surprised if Tekashi is the father of Marlayna’s daughter because he was being reckless.

Sara had a close relationship with 6IX9INE despite his cheating. If she says he was living reckless, it’s probably true and she probably only knew about some of the women the rapper was having relations with.

6IX9INE’s current girlfriend, Jade, seems unbothered by the allegations. The rapper recently purchased her a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon:

She recently shared the pic below, asking her fans what color they think her hair should be. Does that mean she’s no longer supporting Tekashi!?

In other 6IX9INE news, the rapper’s former manager, Kifano “Shotti” Jordan recently hired a new lawyer. Shotti hired his original lawyer, James Roth and is no longer represented by Scott E. Leemon.

Do you think Marlayna aka @layna_x3 is 6IX9INE’s baby mama? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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