LeBron James Christmas Shoes 2018

LeBron James wore the Superman edition of the Nike LeBron 16 on Christmas Day. Here’s a clear pic of the Superman 16s:

Nike LeBron Superman 16 Christmas Shoes
Nike LeBron Superman 16 Christmas Shoes

The following tweet explains that LeBron Watch is back!

Nike LeBron 3 Superman

James wore the Superman edition of the LeBron 3s before the Lakers’ game against the Golden State Warriors. The pic below shows James walking towards Oracle:

The tweet below reveals that the LeBron Superman 16 released on Christmas Day at 10 AM.

The Lakers were in control of the game throughout the first half. They were up by as many as 15 points and LeBron was making it look easy.

LeBron will have to play like Superman in the 2018 NBA Playoffs for the Lakers to be successful. He recently told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that adding elite players would be ideal. Adding an elite player like Anthony Davis could mean getting rid of talented fan favorites like Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball.

LeBron also revealed that he was upset when he initially heard Kevin Durant’s comments about the environment around James being “toxic.” LeBron revealed that KD called him and apologized about his remarks. While LeBron and KD’s friendship appears unharmed it doesn’t look like KD will end up in Los Angeles.

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By Jason John

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