Is NBA YoungBoy Dead? Kentrell Gaulden Shot 3 Times?

NBA YoungBoy Dead Kentrell Gaulden Shot 3 Times
NBA YoungBoy Dead Kentrell Gaulden Shot 3 Times

Update: December 25, 2018

The rumor that NBA YoungBoy is dead is not true. The following tweet claims that the rapper was found dead at a hotel in California.

The rumor that NBA YoungBoy is dead is false.  The rapper, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden, was not shot 3 times.  The screenshot above, was created on a prank website used for spreading fake news.

The fake news story claims that NBA YoungBoy was shot in his chest 3 times while recording music.  According to the website, the rapper was rushed to the hospital where he became unstable.  Doctors then announced that he “might not make it.”

The following tweet shows a fan’s reaction to the fake news story.  While the person who created the story may think it was all fun and games, members of the rapper’s family may have read the story and panicked.

The tweet below explains that news about NBA YoungBoy’s death would have been covered by major media outlets if the story were true.  It’s hard to believe anything you read these days.

In other NBA YoungBoy news: Don’t throw anything at the rapper if you’re ever at one of his concerts.  The video below shows the rapper jump into the crowd after a fan throws a cup at him.

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By Jason John

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