How To Call Santa Claus: Free Number, Kids App 2018

Call Santa Claus at 951-262-3062 to see how he’s doing with your toys. Several additional Santa Claus apps are listed below.

Merry Christmas!

How To Receive A Personalized Call From Santa Claus

If you have an Android device and would like to receive a phone call from Santa, download the Personalized Call from Santa app. If you have an iPhone, download Personalized Call from Santa from the Apple Store.

How To Send Santa Claus A Text Message

If you have an iPhone, download Santa Text to send Santa messages. If you have an Android device, download Message From Santa! to send him a text message.

Santa Claus Video Call

Catch Santa Claus In My House

The Catch Santa Claus In My House for Christmas app helps you convince your kids that Santa was really in your house. Here’s the Apple Store link and here’s the Google Play link.

Back in 1955, the military command center’s phone number was listed as Santa’s number. For more details, check out the following video:

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