Brian Kolfage Wife Ashley

Brian Kolfage is the wounded Air Force veteran who started the GoFundMe page to support President Donald Trump’s border wall. Brian and his wife, Ashley Goetz aka Ashley Kolfage, have two kids together. Essence reports that instead of starting a campaign to raise money for disabled veterans, Kolfage is raising money to help the president build his wall.

As of Friday, December 21, 2018, the campaign has raised over $10 million of its $1 billion goal:

On September 11, 2004, Brian became the most severely injured airman to survive any war in U.S. history. He lost his legs and his right hand.

Heavy explains that Brian met Ashley while she was working at a Chilis restaurant before he left for Iraq. They reconnected after he returned and was recovering from his injuries. The couple got married in 2011.

Here’s an adorable pic of Ashley and her son:

Ashley’s Facebook page explains that she studied Architecture at the University of Arizona and she’s currently self-employed. Back in August she shared the following pic of the her family:

Last month, Ashley shared the pic below which shows her and Brian:

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