August Alsina Brother Melvin Labranch, Sister Dies

Pray for August Alsina. He is currently fighting liver disease, his father passed away when he was younger, his brother was murdered in 2010 and on Christmas Day his sister in law died from cancer.

August Alsina Siblings

August Alsina’s brother, Melvin LaBranch III passed away back in 2010. He was sadly shot and killed. In the Instagram post below, August explains that his sister-in-law, Chandra died on Christmas night. Chandra and Melvin had three kids together.

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Chandra… @_chachacha My Sister, My friend, life giver to my nieces, my hair magician, my biggest supporter, my number one fan. We lost such a beautiful soul on Christmas Night To the battle with cancer. I am Utterly devastated & Deeply shattered! Not only for myself, but for my 3 little nieces, whom are now robbed of BOTH parents. First they killed Mel, Now Cancer has stolen you. What is life? Why is life? Why is THIS life? I’m calling on God for the answers. I don’t question God but THIS I’m not in agreement with. After Mel left I was always pushing you and hard on you about figuring out life’s direction & purpose for yourself..encouraging your entrepreneurship with mostly my fear speaking. Afraid & wanting my nieces to see an example of hustle, drive, determination and confidence through you so that they’d follow suit as young women…. & ALL along you were PERFECT! Living in your perfect purpose. The perfect mother, the perfect friend, the perfect sister, the perfect listener, the perfect caregiver, the perfect example of a young black woman traumatized by the ruins of our cultural upbringing trying their damndest to push to evolve and overcome fear while trying to raise 3 precious little innocent lives &’figure out a life your own at the same time. Before you left You asked me to guard & raise these girls, & I promise you I don’t even know where to begin. I am at a lost & am desperately craving and crazing to be found, so please send some signs, help us out. I have trouble accepting the fact that you’re gone, so it’ll be like we’re just going for a while without seeing each other. Someday hopefully I’ll find you where you are, where Peace is. Please say hello to Melvin & hug him for me, & just ask God to cover the emotions of the girls and allow their hearts to be open, accepting and able to receive love. Ask God to expand my capacity because right now I’m maxed out. Lord knows I’m still raising myself but I guess it’s officially official…I’m a DAD now & I have 3daughters, & i don’t know the slightest thing about it or where to start but unfortunately I/we know loss too well. Rest In Peace my dearest sweet sister..You made it out of this hell hole. ❤️

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XXL reports that the video shows Chandra doing August’s hair. In the caption, August mentions his brother Mel and asks Chandra to say hello to him and give him a hug.

August posted the following Instagram post back in 2017, announcing that Chandra was diagnosed with cancer:

August Alsina’s Cousin Blames Him For Brother’s Murder

August Alsina Cousin Text Messages
August Alsina Cousin Text Messages

In the screenshot above, one of August’s cousins blames him for the death of his older brother. August has explained that him and his brother sold drugs before he became a famous singer. His brother’s death actually motivated him to focus on his career.

NOLA reports that Melvin was 24 when he was shot in the head, a block away from his house. Melvin and Chandra have three daughters.

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