They Did Surgery On A Grape Meme Meaning

The They Did Surgery On A Grape Dank Meme is breaking Reddit.  The meme is created by taking a screenshot of the video below and adding “They Did Surgery On A Grape.” The “dank meme” was created to make fun of the viral media and clickbait that is ruining the Internet.

Clickbait articles and videos rely on eye-catching headlines and visuals to attract clicks, encouraging Internet users to share the content with their friends.  “Dank memes” were originally created to celebrate high quality marijuana but now Internet users call any meme a “dank meme.”

They Did Surgery On A Grape Meme
They Did Surgery On A Grape Meme

The meme also makes fun of old Internet jokes that are no longer funny yet continue to be shared.  The “They Did Surgery On A Grape” meme is similar to the “OK Buddy Retard” meme which was created to mock poor quality memes.

OK Buddy Retard Meme
OK Buddy Retard Meme

When we find something funny on the Internet we share it and there is some content that simply doesn’t deserve to be shared.  There’s a long list of memes that need to be retired as Internet users are becoming lazier and less creative.

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By Jason John

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