Kyrie Irving Mom, Dad: Nike Commercial

In Kyrie Irving’s new Nike commercial he discusses his mom, Elizabeth Larson Irving passing away when he was young.  Kyrie’s dad, Drederick Irving also appears in the commercial.  After Kyrie’s mom died, Drederick had to raise Kyrie and his sister, Asia, alone.

Kyrie was only 4-years-old when his mother passed away.  Check out Kyrie’s new Nike commercial featuring his dad:

Drederick Irving was born on January 11, 1966 in the Bronx, New York and Elizabeth was born on August 13, 2967 in Minnesota.  Elizabeth died of a skin disease on September 9, 1996.  She was 29.

After Kyrie’s mom died, his relationship with his father and sister grew stronger.  They call theirselves “The Triangle” and they worked together as a team.

Kyrie Irving Dad Sister
Kyrie Irving Dad Sister

Kyrie Irving Says “F*** Thanksgiving”

Kyrie recently made headlines for saying “F*** Thanksgiving.” The comments were made after the Boston Celtics lost to the New York Knicks.  Irving shared the following apology for his comments:

In tweet below explains that Kyrie’s mother was part Native American.  That explains why Irving isn’t a fan of the holiday.  Many Native Americans see Thanksgiving as a day to mourn because it’s the day that Native lands and culture were stolen from millions of Native people.

Kyrie’s mother was a descendant of the Standing Rock Sioux yet she was adopted when she was young.

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