Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr Facebook

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. posted the following pic on Facebook hours before his death.  “EJ” is the Black male who was shot and killed by Alabama police on Thanksgiving night.  His Facebook profile reveals that he was a Combat Engineer in the U.S. Army.

The Atlanta Black Star reports that police were responding to a mall in shooting when they shot Emantic on sight.  Emantic was not the gunman.  Police claim that they saw the 21-year-old fleeing the scene of the incident.

The “Black Man” Has A Name

Twitter users are tired of seeing African American victims of police violence referred to as the “black man.” In the tweet above, Ana Navarro of The View tells The Hill that the “black man” has a name.  In the tweet below, entrepreneur, Michael Skolnik also emphasizes Emantic’s name.

Emantic Bradford Had A Concealed-Handgun License

The Washington Post reports that Emantic had a concealed-handgun license.  The tweet below explains that Alabama is an open carry state but the gun must be securely contained in a holster.

CNN reports that the actual gunman is still at large.  The actual gunman shot an 18 and 12-year-old.

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By Jason John

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