Dwight Howard Memes: Gay? Masin Elije

Masin Elije is the gay man who claims that he had a relationship with NBA player Dwight Howard.  Masin claims that Howard is gay and that he ended their relationship after finding out that the NBA star was sleeping with a transgender woman.

The following tweet sums up the Internet’s reaction to the Dwight Howard rumors:

Here’s a post Masin recently shared:

The news broke the Internet and the funniest Dwight Howard memes and reactions are shared in this article.  In the following post, Masin explains that he stands by his story:

Dwight Howard Memes Gay Masin Elije
Dwight Howard Memes Gay Masin Elije

Masin has been sharing receipts on his Instagram Story:

Dwight Howard Memes Gay Masin Elije
Dwight Howard Memes Gay Masin Elije

Masin Elije is an author and he claims that he met Howard at a Wild N’ Out party.  Elije says that him and Howard exchanged explicit photos and claims that Howard’s pastor, Calvin Simmons threatened and harassed him.

This rumor isn’t hard to believe.  Dwight Howard has 8 baby mamas and has been linked to Celina Powell.

Kobe Bryant fans hate Dwight Howard so many of them shared hilarious responses to the rumors:

I wonder how Bradley Beal and John Wall are reacting to these rumors:

The Internet has no chill:

They’re planning Howard’s 30 For 30 ESPN special right now:

Many believe that Masin’s claims are false because he tried to pull the same thing with Playboi Carti.

Which Dwight Howard meme do you think is the funniest? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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