Dane Cook Plastic Surgery: Before And After Pics

Dane Cook’s plastic surgery is hard to miss.  He obviously had Botox procedures done to his forehead and his eyebrows look much lower.  Botox is typically used to avoid forehead wrinkles but the following before and after pic is proof that Cook didn’t need Botox:

Dane Cook Plastic Surgery
Dane Cook Plastic Surgery

The pic above shows Cook with his girlfriend Kelsi Taylor.  Dane was born on March 18, 1972 and is currently 46 while Kelsi was born on October 26, 1998 making her 20.  

Scary Mommy reports that Cook and Taylor have been dating since she was 18-years-old.  She recently shared the following pic of her and Dane at a wedding:

Kelsi is a singer who has performed alongside Demi Lovato.  The tweet below sums up the Internet’s reaction to Dane and Kelsi’s relationship:

The following tweet sums up Dane’s plastic surgery.

Nyle DiMarco Slams Dane Cook

Dane Cook has been making headlines for all the wrong reason lately.  Pop Culture reports that Cook was slammed by Dancing With The Stars winner Nyle DiMarco after Dane made an insensitive tweet about deaf people.  Dane deleted the tweet but DiMarco reposted the following screenshot:

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By Jason John

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