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Who Plays Devon On Empire? Mario Barrett – Spoilers Season 5

Mario Barrett plays Devon on Empire.  This article includes spoilers for the fifth season of the Fox hip-hop drama series.  Mario is back and the singer is quickly making up for lost time.  He appears in the fourth episode of Empire‘s fifth season, “Love All, Trust A Few.”

Who Plays Devon On Empire? Mario
Who Plays Devon On Empire? Mario

Mario recently recently released his fifth studio album Dancing Shadows.  Check out his new video:

Cookie Discovers Devon On Instagram

In the video below, Cookie and Porsha visit Devon while he’s at work.  Cookie tells Devon that she heard him singing on Instagram and she wants to sign him to Lyon Family Management. 

Becky shows up and it looks like another Treasure situation.  Cookie heard Treasure singing in her car and thought she could make her a star.  Lyon Family Management is at war with Empire Entertainment and Empire ends up signing Treasure.

The pic below shows Mario and Terrence Howard aka Lucious Lyon:

Empire Season 5 Spoilers – Andre Gets Out Of Jail

In “Love All, Trust A Few” Andre Lyon is released from prison.  He wants to help the his family get back on their feet but Lucious won’t let Andre risk his life.  Lucious won’t let Andre take any more risks but Andre is determined to prove himself.

Empire Season 5 Spoilers – Jamal Can’t Get In Touch With Kai

Jamal and Kai made up in the previous episode of Empire but in “Love All, Trust A Few” Jamal panics because he’s unable to get in touch with Kai.  Jamal looks back at his history with Kai and he delivers a new song titled “Gotta Love You”:

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