Tyress Lavon Williams, 19 Linked To Celebrity Burglaries

Tyress Lavon Williams is the 19-year-old linked to the recent celebrity burglaries.  Him and the three other suspects were caught after police made a traffic stop on an unrelated violation after Robert Woods’ house was broken into.  Woods plays for the Los Angeles Rams.  Items that were stolen from his house were seen in Tyress’ car.

Los Angeles police arrested four suspects in connection to the string of celebrity burglaries that started back in 2017.  Yasiel Puig, Robert Woods, Rihanna and Christina Milian are some of the celebrities whose houses were robbed.

Ashle Jennifer Hall Damaji Corey Hall
Ashle Jennifer Hall Damaji Corey Hall

The pic above shows 34-year-old Ashle Jennifer Hall and her son 18-year-old Damaji Corey Hall.  The pic below shows Tyress Lavon Williams and Jshawne Lamon Daniels.  Tyress and Jshawne are both 19-years-old.

Jshawne Lamon Daniels Tyress Lavon Williams
Jshawne Lamon Daniels Tyress Lavon Williams

The “gang” targeted the homes of athletes, celebrities and entertainers. Police initially thought they were randomly breaking into the homes but later found out that the gang members were using social media to plan the break ins.  

The burglary ring kept a close eye on social media to determine when specific targets would be out of town on tour or to play an away game.  

LeBron James, Viola Davis And Matt Damon Were Listed As Potential Targets

Police found a list of future targets which included LeBron James, Viola Davis and Matt Damon.  The crew described their methods as “flocking” the term that Kodak Black made famous:

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By Jason John

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