Keyshia Cole Boyfriend – Niko Khale Age, Net Worth

Keyshia Cole’s boyfriend, Niko Khale is 23-years-old.  He was born on October 17, 1995, making him a Libra.  Keyshia was born on October 15, 1981 and is currently 37, 14 years older than Niko.

Keyshia recently shared the following video of her and Niko on vacation:

Niko Khale Net Worth: $1 Million

Niko Khale’s $1 million net worth was earned through his career as a singer.  He started uploading music to his MySpace page back in 2005 to gain initial exposure.

Originally, Niko went by ACE Primo.  His hard work paid off and he eventually caught the attention of producer Rodney Jenkins aka Darkchild. Jenkins is has worked with some of the most popular artists in the world including Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey.  Keyshia teamed up with Darkchild for her 2006 hit “Shoulda Let You Go” featuring Amina Harris.

Khale recently recently a new EP titled On My Own:

Niko was born in Washington, D.C. and eventually moved to Charlotte, NC.  He has been seen in Hyundai and Powerade commercials and continues to release high quality music.  Check out his video for “Be Somebody”:

Check out Niko’s “On My Own” vlog:

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