JaVale McGee Wife, Baby Mama – Giselle Ramirez Snapchat Name

JaVale McGee’s “wife” is actually his girlfriend, Giselle Ramirez.  Her Instagram name is @giselle_mybelle and her Snapchat name is PierrePierre11.

The following video shows JaVale, Giselle and their beautiful baby girl:

The couple shared this adorable pic of their Halloween costumes a few years back:

JaVale McGee Giselle Ramirez
JaVale McGee Giselle Ramirez

McGee has stepped his level of play up now that he’s with the LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers and we think it’s time for him to do the same in his love life.  McGee and Ramirez have been dating for years and they have an adorable daughter.  It’s time for the NBA star to put a ring on it!

JaVale McGee’s beautiful daughter was seen during the Golden State Warriors championship celebration.  Scroll down to see a picture of his baby girl.  His baby mama, Giselle Ramirez, is from Los Angeles and she works in the real estate industry.  A few years ago, JaVale had a public falling out with a woman named Ayana Marie.

Giselle recently shared the following picture of her baby girl at JaVale’s practice:

In 2012, Ayana claimed she was pregnant but we later found out that she was lying. JaVale overachieved. Giselle has two college degrees from UCLA. I hate seeing NBA basketball players settle for uneducated women. Ramirez has worked in the entertainment industry and she has experience in marketing and sales.

JaVale McGee’s Snapchat name is PierrePierre11:


JaVale McGee Baby Mama Wife Snapchat Name
JaVale McGee Baby Mama Wife Snapchat Name

The following pic shows JaVale with his beautiful daughter:

JaVale McGee Baby
JaVale McGee Baby Getty Images

Here’s a pic of Giselle with the couple’s adorable baby girl:

JaVale McGee Baby Mama
JaVale McGee Baby Mama

Now that JaVale McGee is a NBA champion I’m hoping Shaquille O’Neal will leave him alone.  McGee may not be the most coordinated player in the league but he definitely helped that Warriors win a championship.  JaVale and Kevin Durant have a great relationship and KD has his back.  The last time Shaq and McGee got into it the situation got out of hand.  Calm down big fellas!

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