Did Spice Bleach Her Skin?

Did Spice Bleach Her Skin?
Did Spice Bleach Her Skin?

Spice (Grace Hamilton) bleached her skin.  The reggae artists and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Many believed that the picture she posted on Instagram with her skin bleached was photoshopped but then she posted the following video:

Spice Bleached Skin For Her Song “Black Hypocrisy”

In the video above, Spice explains that she bleached her skin because she has a new song called “Black Hypocrisy which will appear on her mixtape Capture:

TMZ explains that Spice also deleted all her old Instagram pics.  She really wants her fans to focus on her message about black people trying to please other black people.  Spice explains that she’s giving her fans what they asked for.

Is Spice’s Bleached Skin Real Or Is She Wearing Makeup?

The Source reports that Spice’s fans are shocked and many are demanding an explanation.  That following tweet explains that the reggae artist is wearing makeup:

The video Spice posted claims that the pic is not photoshopped because of the Snapchat video she posted.  If she’s wearing makeup, that would explain the Snapchat video.  

What do you think about Spice bleaching her skin? Do you think she really bleached her skin or is it just makeup? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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