Cesar Sayoc Was A Democrat Or Republican?

Was Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr. a Democrat or Republican? According to the Washington Examiner, Sayoc registered as a Republican for the 2016 election and last voted this year.

The Daily Beast reports that Sayoc made numerous threats to Democratic leaders on Twitter.  The tweet below reveals that he voted in the primary and general elections in 2016:

Cesar Sayoc “Was Literally Driving A White Trumpmobile”

According to Raw Story, Sayoc’s van was covered with pictures of President Donald Trump and other right-wing paraphernalia.  The van included numerous stickers including a GOP logo, a picture of Vice President Mike Pence and a one that said “CNN SUCKS.”

Cesar Sayoc “Should Have To Share A Cell With Hillary Clinton”

The tweet below explains that Trump supporters also despise Sayoc.  YouTuber Mark Dice suggests that Sayoc should have to share a cell with Hillary Clinton.

Cesar Sayoc’s Criminal History

Cesar Sayoc has a long criminal history.  AP News reports that he was once sentenced to probation for a bomb threat charge.  The tweet below shows a list of Sayoc’s prior crimes:

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By Jason John

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