Cesar Altieri Sayoc: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nationality, Ethnicity

Cesar Altieri Sayoc is the pipe bomb suspect who was recently arrested.  The Facebook accounts that appeared to belong to him have been deleted but pictures from the accounts are presented below.

Cesar Altieri Sayoc Facebook, Twitter

Sayoc shared the following image via Facebook.  The Aventura, Florida resident was a Donald Trump supporter:

Cesar Altieri Sayoc Facebook
Cesar Altieri Sayoc Facebook

Cesar’s last retweet was made on October 24, 2018.  The tweet reveals that Sayoc has strong feelings George Soros, an investor who recently called President Donald Trump a con man.

Cesar Altieri Sayoc LinkedIn

Cesar Altieri Sayoc’s LinkedIn page reveals that he was a promoter and booking agent.  He attended Brevard College in North Carolina and the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.  He earned a BA in Business, Finance and Economics according to his LinkedIn page’s Education section.

The following picture is from Sayoc’s LinkedIn page:

Cesar Altieri Sayoc LinkedIn
Cesar Altieri Sayoc LinkedIn

Cesar Altieri Sayoc Ethnicity, Nationality

Cesar Altieri Sayoc’s ethnicity and nationality is currently trending on Twitter.  NBC News reports that Sayoc is Italian and Filipino.

The tweet above explains that Sayoc was born in Brooklyn, New York but lived in Florida for decades.  The fact that he was born in New York makes him American.

While some claim that Sayoc is white, others believe that he is Spanish:

Cesar Altieri Randazzo Facebook Page

Cesar operated a right-wing propaganda page on Facebook under the name “Cesar Altieri Randazzo.” The page included posts from 2016 supporting Trump and insulting his rivals.

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