Brittany Renner Book – Lil Uzi, Drake, Colin Kaepernick, Chris Brown

In Brittany Renner’s book, Judge This Cover she claims she had numerous athletes including Lil Uzi Vert, Colin Kaepernick, Drake and Chris Brown.  The 25-year-old Instagram model uses code names for each of the men she exposes in the book.  The actual name of the celebrity discussed in each chapter is listed below:

SETH – Finding OzCasey Therriault
EVAN – Flag On The PlayColin Kaepernick
LEON – Soul Tie With A SongbirdTrey Songz
FRANK – One And DoneDrake
IVAN – Use Your HeadTyga
SOLOMON – MalpracticeChris Brown
HECTOR – Dancing With The DevilLil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert – HECTOR

Lil Uzi Vert’s code name is “Hector” and Renner discusses him the “Dancing With The Devil” chapter of the book.  She recently shared the pic above showing her and Uzi having a conversation via FaceTime.  Renner claims that her and Uzi were in a relationship and he cheated on her.

Drake – FRANK

Many believe that Drake is “Frank”, the man Renner discusses in the “One And Done” chapter of the Judge This Cover.  Drake represents The 6 and the tweet below explains that he allegedly wanted Brittany to have a 6 some:

Colin Kaepernick – EVAN

Colin Kaepernick is “Evan” in Brittany’s book.  Renner is being dragged on social media for paying her own way when she visited the former NFL star:

Chris Brown – SOLOMON

Many believe that “Solomon” is Chris Brown in Brittany’s book:

Brittany has shared numerous tweets about the singer over the years.  Here’s one from 2014:

In 2016, Brittany shared the following tweet:

The following tweet explains that Chris Brown may not be Solomon:

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By Jason John

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