50 Cent Buys Ja Rule Tickets: 200 From Groupon

50 Cent claims that he bought 200 Ja Rule tickets from Groupon so Ja Rule’s concert would be empty.  Scroll to the video to see Ashanti’s response to 50 Cent.

The Instagram post below shows 50 Cent’s comments regarding the incident.  The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson points out the tickets were $15 and then reveals that he purchased 200 front row tickets.

Check out 50 Cent’s original Instagram post:

50 recently posted the following pic on Instagram regarding the tickets:

Ashanti Tells Officer Curtis To Call Him Out And Calls Him A Bully

Ebony reports that Ashanti recently called 50 Cent a bully.  In the video below, she refers to the rapper as “Officer 50.”

50 Cent Teases The Final Season Of Power

In other 50 Cent news, the rapper recently shared the following post about Power:

He then asked fans what they say if next season was the last season of Power:

50 Cent’s character, Kanan was murdered last season and like Floyd Mayweather Jr. explains, the show isn’t what is used to be.  50 is currently working on season 6 of the series.

What do you think about 50 Cent buying hundreds of Ja Rule tickets so Ja Rule’s show would be empty.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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