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Who Plays Jeff On Empire? – A.Z. Kelsey

Actor A.Z. Kelsey plays Jeff Kingsley on Empire.  He made his debut on episode 1 of the fifth season of the series, “Steal From The Thief.” Kelsey and Katlynn Simone landed recurring roles on Empire while Rhyon Nicole Brown was promoted to a series regular.

A.Z. Kelsey as Jeff Kingsley on Empire Fox
A.Z. Kelsey as Jeff Kingsley on Empire Fox

Kelsey attended the Yale School of Drama, the same school Trai Byers attended.  In 2014, he played Matt in Unforgettable and in 2015 he appeared in What Would You Do? as a bartender.  Kingsley also appeared in Bull as Matt Williams.

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Jeff Kingsley is a Silicon Valley mover and shaker who recently became a label executive.  He has skeletons in his closet similar to most of the characters on Empire.

The tweet above implies that Jeff will have a feud with Lucious Lyon.  Eddie Barker recently stole Lucious’ company so the last thing he needs is another enemy.

The fifth season of Empire will start two years after the Lyon family loses Empire Entertainment.  Lucious and Cookie are right back where they started: The bottom.  Lucious worked hard to build the company and Cookie sacrificed her freedom for 17 years and they’re left with nothing.

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