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Who Dies On Empire? Leaving 2018, Coffin – Spoilers (Poll)

Andre Lyon most likely dies on season 5 of Empire.  We think he’s the person in the coffin that Lucious is seen standing over.  Jamal and Hakeem are more valuable because they can sing.  We don’t think Cookie is in the coffin because Empire wouldn’t be Empire without Cookie Lyon!

Andre has horrible luck and I think Trai Byers is ready to move on.  His wife, Grace Byers has moved on and now plays Reeva on Fox’s new series The Gifted.

“The audience won’t know who is in that coffin until the end of the season”

Brett Mahoney recently told Entertainment Weekly that we won’t know who is in the coffin until the end off the season.  He also explained that Empire‘s writers are free from constraints so death could come for anyone on the series.

Who do you think dies on Empire? Do you agree with our pick? Let us know in the poll below.

Is Eddie Barker in the coffin?

Many thought Eddie Barker was in the coffin but the tweet above explains that Eddie can’t be the person in the coffin because he was cremated.

Does Lucious’ mother die on Empire?

The tweet above explains that Lucious’ mother, Leah Walker could be the person who dies.  It has to be someone Lucious cares about because he’s emotional and even apologizes to the person.

Who do you want to die on Empire? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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