Tracy Jenkins – Taraji P. Henson Best Friend

Taraji P. Henson and her best friend, Tracy Jenkins appeared on The Breakfast Club.  Jenkins’ name is actually spelled Tracie not “Tracy” or “Tracey.” They discussed The Boris L. Henson Foundation along with mental health issues they’ve dealt with their entire lives. 

Henson also shared intimate details about her personal life including information about the problems she experienced raising her son, Marcell Johnson as a single mother.

Tracie Jenkins Is The Executive Director Of The Boris L. Henson Foundation

Taraji named Tracie the Executive Director of The Boris L. Henson Foundation.  Boris was Taraji’s father, who sadly passed away in 2006.

Taraji had a great relationship with her father and was traumatized when he died.  Instead of mourning her father’s death, Taraji is celebrating his life! 

Boris L. Henson will be remembered forever thanks to Tarjai’s foundation which was created to put an end to the stigma around mental health issues in the African-American community.

Taraji And Tracie Have Been Friends For 35+ Years

Taraji and Tracie have been friends for more than 35 years making them family at this point.  They’ve been through it all together, and Henson shared some very special moments on social media.

The following Instagram post explains that Taraji and Tracie met in the 7th grade and have been close ever since.  Henson thanks her for keeping it real and wishes her a Happy Birthday!

The Instagram post below shows Henson and Jenkins enjoying a vacation back in 2014:

The following pic shows Taraji and Traie hours before the 2016 Emmys:

Tracy Jenkins Taraji P. Henson Best Friend
Tracy Jenkins Taraji P. Henson Best Friend

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