Shawn Smith – Throws 4-Year-Old Brother Shimron Off Roof

Shawn J. Smith is the 20-year-old who threw his brother, Shimron Smith off a roof in Brooklyn, New York.  Shimron sadly passed away.  He was 4-years-old.  The incident occurred on Saturday morning.

Shimron Smith
Shimron Smith

Shawn Smith Has A History Of Mental Illness

The New York Post reports that Shawn suffered from schizophrenia and he wasn’t taking his meds.  His mother, Odessa Frith explained that on Friday evening, a day before the incident, she witnessed Shawn laughing, wildly, for no apparent reason.

Shawn Smith Was Charged With Second-Degree Murder

The New York Times explains that Shawn was charged with second degree murder.  The tweet below explains that Shawn confessed to the crime and the video shows him being taken into custody.

Shawn’s lawyer will most likely argue insanity due to a mental disease of defect.  Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that could have made it impossible for Shawn to form the intent required to be found guilty of the second-degree murder of Shimron.

“My Brother May Be Hurt. He might be dead.”

Around 3:30 AM on Saturday morning, Shawn saw two police and told them that his “brother may be hurt.  He might be dead.” Police found Shawn in a courtyard and the 4-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.  Pray for the Smith family.

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