NBA Youngboy, Jania – Herpes Confession

NBA Youngboy Herpes
NBA Youngboy Herpes

In the video below, NBA Youngboy’s ex-girlfriend, Janie Bania Jackson, admits that she has herpes.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear NBA Youngboy admitting he has the disease in his song “Can’t Be Saved.”

In the video below, NBA Youngboy’s mom calls his haters out for insulting him for having herpes:

In “Can’t Be Saved” NBA mentions his mother before admitting that he has herpes:

“Everyday getting cussed out by my mama, herpes in my blood and that shit got me crying, I really got feelings, you see without science.”

Jania NBA Youngboy Girlfriend
Jania NBA Youngboy Girlfriend

Some believe that Jania gave the rapper, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden, the disease by cheating on him.

Others think NBA is to blame and are calling him out for ruining Jania’s life:

NBA Youngboy and Jania were most likely being blackmailed regarding having herpes.  Instead of paying someone off to keep the disease a secret they decided to admit to having the disease.  At least NBA won’t have to worry about any lawsuits claiming that he was dishonest about having herpes.

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