Joyner Lucas Hopsin Beef – Logic Gets Dragged

Joyner Lucas and Hopsin are beefing over whose the better rapper.  Hopsin warned Lucas that he would break his sole but it looks like they’ve already made up.  Eminem plays a significant role in this beef.  He collaborated with Lucas and recently gave Hopsin a shoutout.

Joyner Lucas And Hopsin’s Beef Started Over A Fan Tweet

It all started when a fan sent Hopsin a tweet asking him who would win a rap battle between him and Joyner Lucas.  Hopsin explained that the question was dumb because the answer is obvious.  Joyner quickly clapped back and initially, Hopsin appeared to want smoke.

Hopsin To Joyner Lucas: “I’m Not Logic”

There’s nothing worst than being an innocent bystander.  The tweet above shows Hopsin drag Logic into his beef with Joyner.  Logic and Lucas have been beefing since 2016.

Earlier this year, Logic finally responded to Joyner on the track “Yuck” on his Bobby Tarantino II mixtape.  Although Logic clapped back, he took the high road:

Hell nah, fuck rap, fuck beef<br> Anyone that hate me, I wish you success<br> I wish you look in the mirror and ask yourself why you suppressed<br> The feelin's of self-hatred that you want project on me
― Logic – Yuck

Hopsin Claims The Beef Is Over But Still Has Questions

In the tweet above, Hopsin explains that he spoke with Joyner and there’s no beef.  Although he squashes the beef, he still wants to know who you think would win.  Let us know what you think in the poll below.

Eminem’s Influence

Eminem can’t stay out of beef these days.  Him and MGK are currently going bar for bar and Em also plays a role in the beef between Joyner and Hopsin.

Eminem collaborated with Joyner on his hit song “Lucky You” and in a recent interview, Em explained that he thinks Joyner has a bright future.

Eminem gave Hopsin a shoutout in “Fall” and Hopsin’s reaction was unforgettable:

What do you think about the beef between Joyner Lucas and Hopsin? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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