Is Lil Pump In Jail? Out – Kanye West SNL

Lil Pump is not in jail.  If he really did go to jail, he’s out now because he appeared on SNL with Kanye West.  Lil Pump recently announced that he was going to jail for a probation violation.

Lil Pump was recently arrested for driving without a license and he announced that he had to serve a couple months in prison.  He didn’t seem worried about the sentence especially considering the hilarious mugshot he posted:

Does “A Couple Months” Mean A Week?

In the video Lil Pump posted on Instagram, he explained that he had to “do a couple months.” The tweet below explains that the rapper is finally out of jail.  Maybe Pump meant a week because it definitely hasn’t been a couple months.

“They Should Send Lil Pump Back To Jail”

Lil Pump and Kanye West performed their hit song “I Love It” on SNL.  The rappers were dressed as popular beverages: Kanye was dressed as a bottle of Perrier and Pump wore a Fiji water costume.

Kanye also performed the track “We Got Love” with Teyana Taylor:

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By Jason John

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