Is Angela Really Dead On Power? Spoilers

Yes, Angela Valdez dies on Power.  She gets shot in the chest by Tommy after kissing Ghost.

Tommy Tried To Kill Ghost

Tommy was planning to shoot Ghost in the season 5 finale, “When This Is Over” but ends up shooting Angela.  While I believe Angela is dead, we won’t know for sure until season 6 of the Starz series.

Is Angela Really Dead On Power?
Is Angela Really Dead On Power?

First Raina, Now Angela

Power is the same series that killed Raina so you know they’re willing to kill off beloved members of the cast.  Many of the top shows on television require cast changes from season to season and some require main cast members to die.  This could be the case with Power.

Kanan’s son, Shawn is another beloved cast member that we saw die too soon.  Kanan killed him and karma finally caught up with him this season: Kanan finally died in season 5 of the series.

Ghost Vs. Tommy

The tweet above says it all.  Who care if Angela is dead!? Season 6 of Power should be war.  There’s nothing in this world James “Jamie” St. Patrick loves more than Angela.  For a moment, I thought James was planning on killing Angela but then I thought about how much he loves her.

Ghost would do a life sentence for Angela.  Forget trying to dodge to Feds, season 6 of Power will be World War 3 aka Ghost will get his revenge on Tommy.

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