How Much Is Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Contract?

Colin Kaepernick’s Nike contract is worth about $5 million per year.  Although Donald Trump would love for NFL team owners to order players who take a knee off the field, Nike is supporting the protest.

“Star” Deal, Millions Per Year Plus Royalties

In the above tweet, Charles Robinson, senior NFL reporter for Yahoo reveals that Kaepernick’s Nike contract is a “star” deal on par with a top end NFL player.

Odell Beckham Jr. is a top end NFL player and in 2017 he signed a 5-year deal with Nike worth $25 million.

Kaepernick recently shared the Instagram post above revealing his deal with Nike.  Kaepernick will have his own line of apparel, including jerseys and shoes.

Nike Made A Business Move

In the tweet above, Jemele Hill explains that Nike made a smart business move.  Millennials support brands who support causes they care about.  Most millennials care about equality so they’ll support Nike’s decision to make Kaepernick the face of their Just Do It campaign.

Boycott Nike

The tweet above is from a former Combat Marine.  It was in response to a tweet that showed a former Marine who cut the Nike signs off his socks to boycott the athletic brand.

The following tweet claims that Nike is anti-law enforcement and pro-Fidel Castro:

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By Jason John

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