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Did Hakeem From Empire Die? – Spoilers

Hakeem from Empire did not die.  In episode 1 of season 5, “Steal From the Thief” we see Hakeem recovering.  He was shot by Blake’s father in season 4 of the series and he lost part of his lung.

Hakeem and Tiana are living together and she wants him to get back on stage so she can get back on Eddie’s good side.  Hakeem is having trouble breathing and refuses to lip sync.

Hakeem And Tiana’s Baby, Prince

Hakeem And Tiana's Son Prince
Hakeem And Tiana’s Son Prince

Hakeem and Tiana are finally together and they welcomed an adorable son named Prince.  The couple chose the perfect name for their baby boy.  Empire‘s Prince tribute episode revealed that the Lyon family loved the legendary singer.  Prince is also the perfect name because Hakeem is the “Prince of Empire.”

Hakeem The Prince Of Empire
Hakeem The Prince Of Empire

Hakeem Performs For The First Time In 2 Years

Hakeem told Tiana that he wouldn’t use a backing track during his performance but that’s exactly what he did when they couple performed “Ibiza.” He was unable to finish the song and Blake had to take over.

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