25 Best New Movies On Amazon Prime In October 2018 – Ranked

Check out the best new movies on Amazon Prime:

Battle Of The Streaming Giants

Quartz reports that Amazon is used most often to watch movies while Netflix is typically used to watch original series.

Recode explains that Netflix dominates the industry when it comes to producing the most shows.  Competitors like Apple, Facebook and YouTube are following Netflix’s blueprint but they still have a long way to go.

Apple recently decided to shelf Dr. Dre’s Vital Signs series over concerns that it was too graphic.  Tim Cook didn’t approve of the cocaine and gun violence.  You won’t win in the digital streaming game if you’re not willing to take chances.

Facebook continues to invest in original entertainment through Facebook Watch and Facebook Original.  It’s unclear how successful the company’s $1 billion investment has performed so far.

YouTube Premium got a major boost this year from its Karate Kid revival series, Cobra Kai.  The company will attempt to build on that momentum with a new special from Will Smith called The Jump.

YouTube also announced a new documentary on producer and conman Lou Pearlman.  He worked with both ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys.

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By Jason John

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