Alicia Etheredge Tattoo – Bobby Brown Wife

Bobby Brown’s wife, Alicia Etheredge is played by actress Alyssa Goss in The Bobby Brown Story.  The pic above shows Alicia’s shoulder tattoo.

The following pic shows Alicia’s stomach tattoo she had done while she was pregnant:

Alicia Etheredge Tattoo Bobby Brown Wife
Alicia Etheredge Tattoo Bobby Brown Wife

Alicia got a tattoo of a tree and the sun on her stomach.  The tattoo on her shoulder shows a woman’s face.

Bobby Brown married Alicia Etheredge in 2012, five years after he divorced Whitney Houston.  In The Bobby Brown Story we see Brown propose to Etheredge during one of his live concerts.

Alicia recently shared the following Instagram pic which shows her and Bobby’s daughter on her first day of school:

Alicia stood by Bobby’s side during his ups and downs.  Brown is far from a saint and technically cheated on Whitney Houston but Houston also cheated on Bobby.

The following tweet is very critical of Alicia.  It calls her a home wrecker but I don’t think that’s fair.  Bobby’s marriage was a disaster before he reunited with Etheredge.

The tweet below mentions Whitney’s miscarriage and Bobby getting another woman pregnant while they were engaged.  The Bobby Brown Story reminds us of all the pain and struggle that Bobby, Whitney and the entire Brown family has experienced.  Keep them in your prayers.

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